Mary's Life Tricks

One of the other things I’ve done is to try and think through all the things I’ve done to get through life. We all have them, but it’s nice to leave them as a legacy. For example, these are my life tricks but try and think of yours’, so you can share them in a video or some other manner, so your legacy lives on.
Mary’s Tricks for A Great Life
  1. Every day try to be the best version of you that you can be that day.
  2. Make lists of everything you have to do and if you are dreading having to do something on the list, do it first! It will get it out of the way and make the rest of your day better.
  3. Sometimes when you are angry, it helps to go into a bathroom with a loud fan, close the door and just say cuss words over and over.
  4. To get back to sleep at night try these two tricks:
    • Breathe in deep and count as high as you can and then exhale and count to the same number. Do this at least 20 times.
    • Count backwards from 300 by threes. And if over time that gets too easy do 900 by nines and 700 by sevens.
  5. Try to stay positive and work hard. If you do, people will open doors for you that you didn’t know existed and you will have an adventurous life.
  6. Think of your anxiety as a little monster who shows up and lies to you. When you start to get anxious, yell back at the anxiety monster, “Shut up! You’re lying! That’s not going to happen!”
  7. If someone criticizes you, don’t take it personally. Just thank them for the feedback and later think about whether what they’ve said could be valuable for you.
  8. Marry someone with a good sense of humor who is loving.
  9. If something or someone makes you angry or anxious, write down a sentence that summarizes what you are feeling. And then write the same sentence again and again and again until the emotional response to the concept is lessened.
  10. When you are in high school or college, get a job working with the public (at Starbucks, Chipotle or as a teller at a bank for instance). You will learn all the different kinds of personalities and it will help you deal with people for the rest of your life.
  11. Know your angels are watching over you from above sending their love and support

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