Mary Huffman was a 48 year old mom and wife with ALS.  She passed away in 2018, leaving behind her husband and children Anna & Jonathan.

She wanted to help people as much as she can now and in the future.

She put together a series of helpful lists that she hopes will help make people's lives easier.

Mary Huffman is a 48 year old mom who was diagnosed with ALS in September 2017 when she was 47. She has the fast progressing version of the disease and is almost bed bound 24/7. She is married to a wonderful man and they have two teens. This diagnosis has been devastating to all of them, as you can imagine. But through it all, Mary has focused on trying to stay positive, make memories with her family and friends, and continue her life goal of helping others.

Knowing she has a limited time left, she wrote down the tricks she had learned through out her life and shared them with her friends. They loved them and when she asked them to send her their life tricks, so now she has a master list from all of Team Mary.

She also had experience helpiñg people get into highly competitive grad schools so she wrote tips for applying to college.

And because she has dealt with so many mobility issues in the last year, she wrote a list of tips for people who also have problems with mobility.

Mary is a terrific person and she has lived a wonderful life. Check out her story here. You can also watch this video that her friend, Amy, had made for her and her family.

There’s Something About Mary